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Utilizing a professional portfolio to close your sale

Holiday lights are a staple in the holiday lighting season. Homes, parks, businesses,

and cities are adorned with holiday lighting every year. Millions of homes around

the country are willing to hire professional installers to light up their homes with

holiday cheer.

Selling a holiday lighting install to a homeowner is a visual endeavor. They want to

see how their home can spread the holiday spirit and be the envy of their

neighbors. Having a portfolio of your previous jobs can really help potential clients

see the value in hiring a professional to install their holiday lighting because it helps

them to see how it could transform their home into a festive that

bypasses sloppy DIY looks. Browsing through your portfolio will demonstrate and

showcase your professional work to them, while sparking their desire, making it

easier for you to close the sale.

A professional portfolio also helps with the design process. Some clients will know

exactly what they want when it comes to holiday lighting. Others might feel

overwhelmed when deciding the color coordination and placement of lights they’d

like to do. For those clients who need a little extra guidance, the portfolio of your

professional work will help them to visualize what they’d like. It will also help them

to better communicate their vision to you. A portfolio can significantly improve the

experience of your client when meeting with you to plan and personalize their


Creating a portfolio

When putting together your portfolio we recommend including several pictures of

installs you’ve done to show variety. You might even consider labeling the different

color schemes or components of the installs. Include everything from municipal to residential jobs. If you have done lighting installs for different holidays like

Halloween or Independence Day, showcase those as well as they will all show your

competence and ability to create great lighting arrangements.

When it comes to photography for your portfolio, investing in quality professional photos is worth it. A visually pleasing portfolio will lead to clients feeling more confident in your ability to provide a quality install. If you are using a physical copy of the portfolio, make sure you print a high-resolution file so the images turn out crystal clear!

Use the Seasonal Source

Look Book

New to holiday lighting? No problem! Use our Look Book while building your own

portfolio. Our Look Book will serve as a way for your clients to see a variety of

different lighting styles. It will also be a great tool for you because each job

displayed in our Look Book goes over every product used in the install. This helpful feature makes it easier for you to quote and replicate the look for your client.

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