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In Store Merchandising

The Power of In-Store Merchandising

Due to the rise of e-commerce many people believe retail is dying. In-store

merchandising and store displays help to set physical retail locations apart from e-

commerce and are the major advantage physical retail locations have over e-

commerce. In-store merchandising sparks customers’ interest, helps them to

become better familiar with products offered, and in many instances allows them to

hold and look at the product before purchasing. Not to mention it provides

opportunities for customers to learn the problems the product solves, the benefits it

provides and how it’s different from other similar products.

No Need to Say a Word

A store display allows you to communicate with the customer without making a

sales pitch. In the business of retail, it is the first form of selling. Store displays add

value to your product and educate customers on what the product can do for them.

Free Marketing

In-store merchandising is free advertising that can have a positive effect on your

sales and improve your customer’s shopping experience. It’s a great way to

introduce new product when it enters the market and helps to make sure customers

know about it.

Increase Awareness and Sales

If executed properly and creatively, retailers can reap benefits from in-store

merchandising. For example, they could increase sales on a product with low

demand, many times without even having to reduce the price. This can be done by

strategically highlighting the product through an end cap or floor display, setting up

informational marketing graphics near the product, or simply displaying the

product. In-store merchandising also allows for the promotion other brands offered

or related selling channels.

Pro Tip - Availability of display products is critical. Always make sure the products you are displaying are properly stocked on the shelves.


Consider who most of your customers are and what their needs are. Select to highlight products that will attract them. Know their demands and ensure they are satisfied through your product offering.

Keep it Visually Appealing

It's important that while incorporating displays you keep your store looking neat and organized. Use sections that are easy for your customers to follow and make it easy for them to find the products they need. Keep shelves well-stocked, use prominent sale signs, along with in-store merchandising and you are sure to attract more



Seasonal Source offers various In-store Merchandising options for our distributors. Follow the link to learn more about our In-Store Merchandising options and to get one today!

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