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Why you should have a holiday lighting champion

A holiday lighting champion is a very worthwhile addition to your team! They can be the driver of growth in the holiday lighting category – bringing greater revenue and additional profits to your business. They are someone who has experience in the trade and/or has undergone extensive training and is therefore an expert in the field. There are several advantages to having a holiday lighting champion on your team, but some of the biggest perks are they oversee training for both your employees and your customers, are the go-to person for questions and help, focus on and drive the holiday lighting category, and can help to make purchasing, marketing, and sales decisions based on their product knowledge and familiarity with popular trends.

When choosing a champion, look for someone who: - Shows excitement and initiative for the category - Is likely to stay with the company long-term - Has proven they know how to grow sales - Is willing and able to train customers & co-workers - Possibly has past experience in the category

Once choosing your champion, invest time in training them well. Your goal is to have your champion be so familiar with the holiday product and with tech support that they can be “on call” for questions from employees and customers. Champions typically cover a region/area or at least a couple of branches - depending on the size of your company, you may want to consider more than one. Seasonal Source has the expertise and resources to assist in training your new champion. Contact us today to schedule training for your new champion to further grow and your holiday lighting business!

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