The Source is the parent company for Seasonal Source and Prime Patio. The Source, Inc. is the irrigation industry’s leading supplier of OEM and after-market repair parts, diagnostic tools and troubleshooting devices. For nearly 25 years, distributors throughout North America have called on us to supply replacement parts for all major brands of system components including valves, controllers, backflow preventers and sprinkler heads.

Prime Patio is an outdoor living lighting product line specifically designed for the professional contractor and is based out of Ogden, Utah. Patio lighting has both residential and commercial opportunities. Prime Patio is a One-stop shop when it comes to patio lighting. Not to mention Prime Patio will set you apart with its unique 12V patio lighting option.


TwistIIClean is an easy to use sediment filter for home use. Built with a 200% larger screen area, it is made to remove sand and sediment from water. With it's revolutionary design, there's no need for regular manual cleaning. Simply twist to clean, removing the hassle of shutting off your water supply. No disassembly, no problem.