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Classic C9

Watts: .58


Our Best Seller.


For a classic Christmas look, you can't go wrong with C9 bulbs along a roofline.

There nothing like the classic Christmas look of accenting a roofline with warm white C9 bulbs, but before you start planning your next project you should be sure you are using the right products. Seasonal Source offers C9 bulbs in faceted, smooth and transparent options. We’ve got you covered no matter what look you’ve got in mind!

The classic faceted C9 is our best-seller, and for good reason.

The shell on our faceted C9 stays transparent without getting cloudy and dimming the bulbs. It can also be UV protected for longer periods of time, ensuring colored bulbs stay just as vibrant at the end of the season as they were at the beginning.

Consistency is key when creating a stunning display, Seasonal Source bulbs will match from year to year. Our bulbs also boast of a 3 Year Warranty and have a 60,000 hours light lifespan.