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Seasonal Source is the Contractor's Choice for Professional Seasonal Decorating 

Contractors and DIY decorators have chosen Seasonal Source Products for nearly a decade.  As the premier brand for seasonal lighting in The United States, Seasonal Source is proud to be known for quality and dependability on displays big and small.  Our lights adorn homes and churches, schools, shopping centers, restaurants, city offices, libraries, fairs and festivals, and so much more.  Lights are a big part of the Christmas season and any event or holiday, so we are happy to be a part of our Customer's lives!  

Seasonal Source is the by-product of years of collaboration between wholesale distributors in the green industry. Building a turn-key business solution for contractors that offers the best products, customer service, education, marketing and sales tools was no small task. Today, Seasonal Source has the most sophisticated and widely available seasonal lighting offering in the industry.

Seasonal Source is proud to bring innovative Christmas lighting products to market through the green industry. Our Distributors not only carry the best products in stock at hundreds of locations around the country, but offer a wealth of knowledge in decorating, product application (such as, where and how to use a C7 Christmas light), estimating costs, marketing and local rebate programs.

More and more home owners and business owners are electing to hire professionals to install their Christmas lighting projects, thus enabling the seasonal lighting industry to prosper. Cities, municipalities, downtowns, universities, shopping malls and churches have also increased their displays thanks to innovative new products such as C7 LED lights, C9 LED lights, LED strands, pole mounts, skylines and more. Display options are seemingly endless thanks to the Christmas lighting options now available! Whether you are decorating with LED mini-lights, C9 or C7 LED lights. incandescent C7 Christmas lights, greenery or large displays, Seasonal Source has a solution for you!


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